Isabella Moog fascinates with
her free Nude painting

With her unique works Isabella Moog presents herself as a master of depicting the human form. Her paintings are unadorned, having no superfluous lines, exotica or loudness, displaying depth, density, and substance - always in a dynamic interaction between stillness and action.
Unlike many others she masters the art of showing the dynamics and energy, embedded in the human body with only a few brush strokes.

Mostly female but also male bodies full of life: vital and dynamic, never absolutely perfect and never repeatable; regardless of the technique they are always playful, alive, and flowing.

Spontaneity and immediacy characterize her outstanding talent.
At one time colour is only hinted at but at another she employs the full palette of yellow, orange, brown, and cyan but yet never too much and never overloaded; body parts are accentuated, overdrawn only where it is demanded by the model during the act of painting.

The inimitable body language of Isabella Moog’s works is undoubtedly a valuable addition to contemporary nude painting.
Edgar von Bercken



Dance, Sensuality and Spirituality
The Power of the Present

Life is Movement

As a dancer, sculptor and rhythmic meditation instructor the body and its movements have become the emphasis of my life.
When I am painting I move. All that counts is the immediate moment of creation. I am absorbed by the fascination with the model and then there is this moment where the thinking stops. Painting becomes an independent movement. This way the paintings develop very quickly.

The inspiration from Tai Chi and Zen painting has a great influence on my work. To me the human body is the medium through which I can express everything.
I am interested in its power and the longing for a fulfilled life in its striving for inner wisdom.

I express myself through the human in its uniqueness, emotionality, vulnerability, its inner conflicts, and the striving for a unity with the world.
It is expressing the eternal beauty and the great potential of the woman as the female form between meditative stillness and vivid life.
I consider the original forms of art (cave painting) as an expression of ancient times, the origin of mankind. In their simplicity and strong expressiveness they are the role models for my work. To achieve the combination of complexity through colour, form, and rhythm with the simplicity of strong lines in my paintings is my greatest challenge.
In my art I want to show the eternity and timelessness of the original form in its living relation to today’s figure.
From Simplicity to the complexity of today’s human existence.